Weight Loss & Measuring

At Daisy Love we have found that many brides would like to lose weight before their wedding day.

Whilst this is not the case with every bride, we thought it helpful to give you information on how we help brides to choose their gown, when they have made this decision.

At Daisy Love we find you your dream gown and then discuss your sizing before your order goes to the designer. We have many brides who have chosen their gown with us and are now aiming to lose weight before we decide which size gown to order.

If you are looking for your dream dress but have not started looking because you want to lose weight first - please come and see us. Many brides start planning their wedding without first finding their dress - you must find your dress first.

Finding your dream dress first will give you lots of inspiration and focus - the size can be decided later.

We will discuss this with you and together we can decide when we can finally make your size commitment.

As with all wedding planning, the bride and her dress is the focus of everyone's attention and will often set the theme of the wedding.

Choosing your dress then allows you to choose your bridesmaids styles and menswear - and everything else - flowers , cake etc.

As fuller figure specialists we can guide you through this process, leaving you to plan the rest of your wedding with confidence.

If you would like to discuss any of your thoughts with us, please talk to us on the day or telephone us to get advice before making an appointment.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you to choose your perfect dress, at your appointment with Daisy Love.

Measuring - What size am I ?

At Daisy LOVE, we believe that tape measures don't necessarily help when it comes to establishing what size you are. Every designers size chart is different and you can vary up to two sizes between designs.

Size charts are often US sized and this further adds to confusion.

It's not important what size the dress label says - it matters that the dress is the right style, makes you feel fantastic and fits perfectly for your big day.

Who's going to know the label size - they will only know that you look amazing.

When you come into us, we will have a good idea of what size you are. We will direct you to the selection of dresses that you will look great in.

Finding the perfect dress is not about the size, it's about the perfect fit - in a dress that makes you feel and look wonderful.


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